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framed for it

Framed for It
Sirens blazed as Jayden was carted away. He was innocent  but being blamed for such a tragedy. They ragged him round as if he was a rag doll and rushed him to a police cell,       "I'm PC.Duggings and this is my colleague Officer.Andrews".                      "tell me where were you between the time of 10pm and 12pm last night?"    Jayden looks terrified.                                      "I was at home".                                                the officers stared each other in the eye. "what happens?".                                    "somebody broke in my wife began screaming so the guy lashed out took my gun off the table and shot her".         "But you were found with the gun in your hand and her blood all over you" Jayden began sobbing.  "Do you not have any respect my wife just died and your in here questioning me when you should be looking for the real killer."
"interview terminated at 10:47" we will keep you in custody until the chief makes a decision." Jamie sat in a cold cell drunk people screaming around him, he had no time to grief as the police were framing him for some imperticula reason. Hours must have passed and Jayden was told he'd be peering in court on Monday. The flashlight glistened in his eye as the bars of his cell were slammed shut.
"Jayden your transport to court is here". He was accompanied by 10 armed officers and taken out of the building into a police van.
They arrived at court and people shouted horrible things as Jayden entered. "All rise" Jayden watched as the judge gave him a malicious glare and slowly sat comfortably.
"Are you Mr. Jayden Barnet Smith".             "Yes your honour".                                        "Please do tell the court the event of that night".                                                         "well me and my wife were having a romantic meal as a guy dresses in black smashed through the patio doors pointing a gun at us, we managed to run and barricade ourselves into the bedroom but they were more and they came through the window, claret began screaming so they picked my gun up off the table and they.....they" Jayden began filling up. "please do continue Mr. Smith".       "they shot her with my gun".                         "the gun has your DNA on it why would that be?"                                               "well I grabbed it out of the kitchen draw to shoot them.".                                       "may I ask why do you keep a firearm in your kitchen draw?".                                Jayden stuttered. Court went on for hours, "I want you remanded in custody until your sentencing Wednesday, that all for today". He was rushed down the stairs and into another cell.
Morning approached, Jayden say dwelling on that day how he could have stopped her dying.
Wednesday came quicker than he'd hoped, the jury all sat down as the judge re-enters the room.                              "All rise".                                                     The barrister began talking                                                              "Jamie for the jury's information who's gun was it that killed your wife?".                                                             "mine".                                                  "and it wasn't you that shot her".              "no your ".                                          "where is it you keep a firearm in you house".                                                            "the kitchen draw".                                     "no thurther questions your honour".     
"Jayden with the evidence provided I sentence you to 6 months imprisonment" "bailiff take him away".
Jayden was dragged down and put into a cell. It was like he didn't exist anymore. His pale dry skin scraped against the floor as he fell off his bunker. He mainly kept himself to himself. The 8 months flew by and before he knew it he was out into the open air. People crowded outside the prison shouting horrible stuff as he was escorted back to his home.
Finally, he was back with his home comforts. Jayden felt desolate, no family left and no one. There's was no chance of him finding love. Maybe he should move away.jjjjjjj
Jayden's decision was to move to new York and make a new life. He didn't hang around he straight away orders a removal van you get all his belongings and book flights to America. His flight lasted around 14 hours.  He arrived at the airport as he was picked up by the removal van and dropped off at his new house. It was shabby and kneaded alot of work doing to it. The doors were off there hinges and the place was unhygienic the house was falling apart.
Everything was put in its place and organized in a specific way. The first night was horrible the moon light shone through the window into his eyes. He awoke and when into the bathroom his pale skin reflecting through the mirror and his yellow stained teeth. He when out to town. He needed clothes,shoes and household items. He ventured round town people engaged conversation with him. For once he was somebody.
After a few weeks, the house was in  immaculate condition. The next stage is his new life would be to find love, even though there's still a chance he'd be recognised, he got all dressed up and when out to the bar. Ladies pranced around him. Only one woman caught his eye he urged to know her name, she had beautiful blonde hair waived around and her Georges blue eyes lit up the dance floor like a disco ball. The background music set a perfect scene for him to introduce himself. She sat next to him at the bar.
"Red whine please" her voice was a soothing sound.                                                 "let me buy you a drink".                              she smiled at him.                                          "I'm..." He couldn't revel his real identity,                                                            "I'm Alex".                                                       "nice to meet you Alex, I'm Layla if its love your looking for I'm taken but my friends are single" she pointed behind her and there stood three smallish brunettes.                                                        "I'm taken too I'm just being polite".          "good, cheers for the drink".                       Jayden had a disappointed look and left the bar. He began strolling home as people stared at him as if he was an alien just arrived on earth. He arrived home. He was distraught no one would ever love him or care for him again. He slept off the beer and sat in bed.  The last time his life fell apart his wife was there to pick up the peace's but this time no one was there but his once grotty house. Jayden decided to follow his dream and become an author. It had been his dream since he was a little boy.
Monday morning approached and he went back into town the nearest book publishing company but that fell through he had no id, well he did but for his identity of Jayden, he wanted to go under the name of Alex.
He tried all sort of jobs but they all fell through. He sat at home pessimistic, he believed nothing would ever work out he had no income and no way to buy food he was living off tined food. He decided he had enough of life and was going to join the army.
A few weeks passed and he continued in the army. Himself and the other lad were sat gossiping when a grenade flew over the wall Jayden told the boys to run and sacrificed himself by jumping on top of it. Bits of him flew all over.
The day he thought would never come
The train startled along the tracks and pulled up into platform B13 Ellis was one of many children being rushed away during work war II. His mother cried her last tear for him as she handed over his bag, an apple for the journey and his fathers lucky pendent.
She whisperd to him  "that's for good luck" as he walked towards the train door his mother shouted "I love you Ellis". Soon the train had ventured into the country side. Nothing but fields and animals, Ellis sat with younger children who cried and sobbed the whole way. He knew this day would

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