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Daddy, remember all the fun we had,
When Mama was here?
We used to go on picnics and you would lift me up,
And I would shriek even though I knew I was safe in your arms.
Remember Daddy, remember?

Why did things change Daddy?
You keep telling me itís my fault Mamaís goneÖ.
Gone forever.
Itís my fault we got hit by that driver
And I lived to hear Mamaís last words.
I donít understand Daddy!

Why do you hurt me Daddy?
Youíve changed.
You scare me into hiding but you always find me,
To hit me and yell.
People are always asking me where I get the marks from Daddy.
Donít worry, I donít tell them Daddy!

Your home again. I can hear your footsteps.
You turned on my bedroom light and your dragging me to the car.
I can smell the beer on you and your wobbling.
Where are we going Daddy?
You do not answer.
Where are we Daddy? What are you doing with the shovel Daddy? Daddy?
Please donít Daddy! It hurts! Stop Daddy stop!
Iím sorry Daddy! I didnít mean to kill Mama! Daddy?!


Daddy I forgive you. You hurt me but Iím okay.
Iím with Jesus now and he explained everything.
Iím going to go see Mama now Daddy! Jesus knows her!
Donít cry Daddy! I love you!
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