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A Woman's Touch

A WOMANS TOUCH Copyright: P.Antonelli 2006

See this house, the walls are bare
See this room needs a couch or chair
This empty vase needs flowers and such
Plain to see it needs a womanís touch

See this heart, empty inside
See this life, just canít hide
See this man donít seem like much
Plain to see he needs a womanís touch

A womanís touch has a way of making the sun shine on a rainy day
A womanís touch is all it takes to mend a heart when it breaks
A womanís touch makes the world seem right when it just ainít such
What I need, what I really need now is a womanís touch

An empty room, An empty heart
An empty man donít amount to much
Without a womanís touch

It can make flowers bloom on an naked stem
It can send you away and bring you back again
It can fill you up, make you feel that rush
In all the world thereís nothing like a womanís touch

See this house, just walls and floor
See this heart, canít take it any more
See these eyes crying all the time for a womanís touch
Woman touch this heart of mine

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