The pretty waves | By: Mohammad Sakti | | Category: Poem - Nature Bookmark and Share

The pretty waves

I feel myself dwarf                                                            When confronting any sea's waves                                    Simply because they look great and wonderful ...             I can not compare myself                                                  To any sea's comber anytime                                            Simply because it's huge and great ...                               I feel those waves like someone's                                     Pretty and curly hair anytime ...                                     I feel the Creator's subilmity                                          In His Creation anytime ...                                              Those pretty combers come and                                     Go beautifully and without                                             Any hesitation ...                                                            The sea keeps roaring and                                              Those pretty waves keep coming and                             Going endlessly ...                                                          It cheers me up to look at that                                       Prety sea and its pretty waves                                       Anywhere and everywhere ...                                         ____________________________________________________________

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