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Innocence Lost



By Mindy Beazer






































Two Years Ago


Dmitry Daratrazanoff, and his wife Francesca walked from their apartment building in Paris, France into the mid-morning sun. Dmitry, tall with broad shoulders, and black hair that fell to just below his shoulders; walked beside his wife. He had his mother’s vivid blue eyes and dark skin taken from his mother’s Crow Ancestors. Preoccupied with his own thoughts he paid little attention to his wife of six months. Automatically he slowed his pace as she was heavy with child. The baby was due in three weeks, and they planned to fly back to the states in a few days. They hadn’t told his parents about their marriage as they had married quickly when she got pregnant.


He had planned to surprise his parent’s with the news, but he had received word from his parent’s that his twin brother’s wife had been killed in a car accident. Dmitry was worried about his brother, and knew he must be suffering terribly. His plan was to fly back to the States first thing in the morning.  He hated to drop such shocking news on his parents at a time like this. Still, it couldn’t be avoided any longer, the baby would arrive soon, and perhaps that would help ease his parent’s grief. His Father had sounded weary on the phone.


Beside him Francesca was frowning. His wife was tall with long black hair, and dark eyes. The only extra weight she carried was her pregnant belly. She had small breasts, and tended to be too thin.


Dmitry was ignoring her again; he barely paid her any attention. She knew he was upset about his brother, but his interest in her had been slipping for a while. He worked long hours on top of going to school, and she barely saw him. They hadn’t made love in a couple weeks, and she had begun to fear he was seeing another woman. Francesca hated what the pregnancy had done to her body; she would be glad when the baby was born. Still she knew they wouldn’t be able to make love for a while after the birth, and she could feel Dmitry slipping through her fingers. Francesca loved him so much, but he had never told her he loved her. She had convinced herself that it was because Dmitry wasn’t good at expressing his feelings. More and more she feared his only reason for marrying her was the baby. Turning she stepped in front of him to stop him, she intended to give him a kiss. As she stepped in front of him she heard a loud boom, but thought nothing of it. The impact of the bullet slammed her forward into Dmitry. Catching his wife as the loud boom finally registered in his distracted mind. Someone was shooting at them! Picking his wife up, he scanned the buildings around him for the shooter, but he didn’t see anyone as he raced back into their apartment building. Francesca moaned in his arms as he set her down in the lobby.


“Someone call an ambulance, my wife’s been shot.” He shouted in French to the doormen.


“I love you.” She whispered weakly. She knew she was dying, but she was fighting to hang on for the baby.


“You’ll be alright, help is on the way.” He replied. Dmitry was in a state of shock. His hand gently stroked her hair as he waited for the emergency crew to arrive. It seemed to take hours for them to arrive, but they arrived within minutes.

Dmitry backed up to allow them to take care of his wife. She was moaning in pain. He stood there his clothes covered in blood. He watched as the Emergency crew quickly loaded his wife into the Ambulance, before climbing in behind them. The ride to the hospital seemed to last forever, Francesca was moaning, her breathing shallow, her body shaking. They finally arrived at the hospital and raced his wife inside. He knew from the looks on the faces of the hospital personnel that his wife wouldn’t make it, but he held out hope for the baby. While he waited in the waiting area he was questioned by the police about the shooting, but there was nothing he could tell them, he didn’t have a clue. All he knew for sure was that the shooter had intended to kill him.


An hour later the Doctor came out his face grave. “I’m sorry Sir, but we were unable to save your wife.”


“What about the baby?” He dared to ask.


“We performed an emergency c-section; you have a son. But the baby is in critical condition, the bullet tore through your wife’s womb.” The Doctor answered.


His son, whom he named Sergei Vladirmir after his father and grandfather, died twenty-four hours later in his arms.


 Francesca’s family arrived to find their daughter, and grandson dead. Dmitry left the hospital unable to face their grief he was overcome with guilt. He should have been paying better attention to their surroundings. He should have hired bodyguards.


Dmitry quickly made arrangements for his wife’s funeral, before flying back to the states, just in time to attend Lori’s funeral. His parents were angry over the fact that he hadn’t returned sooner. Both were grief stricken and didn’t notice how terrible Dmitry looked. He stayed for the funeral and left to return to Paris the next day, further angering his parents.


Francesca was laid to rest in the small Providence where she had grown up, and where they had married. His son was laid to rest cradled in his mother’s arms for all time. Although Dmitry spared no expense on the funeral service, her family was put off by his cold manner; he may as well have been a statue. He didn’t shed a single tear at the funeral, just sitting coldly through the service, his face set in stone. The fact that not one member of his family bothered to attend the funeral further grated on Francesca’s family. When the service was over he left.  He had never returned, although he made sure that Francesca always had fresh flowers on her grave.


After the funeral he hired men to investigate the shooting. It took them a month to discover the identity of the killer. Dmitry in the meantime hired his own security detail. Once he had the identities of the killers he, and Leonid Sidorov, the head of his new security detail, killed the men responsible. It was Dmitry that pulled the trigger on his wife’s shooter. It was the first time he had ever killed a man, but he felt no remorse. When it was done he returned to the states, he dropped out of school, and went to work for his Dad at Daratrazanoff Industries.




Standing inside the crowed airport, waiting to board the plane that would take Katie short for Kathryn, and her Grandmother to California to see her cousin Jaci, Katie could hardly stand still she was so excited.  Not only was she excited to be going to California with her Grandmother, but she was also relieved, because it would be taking her away from her mother for couple of weeks.  Over the last few weeks Katie had been falling deeper and deeper into depression, suicide had become the only answer too her many problems, and then out of the blue, her Grandmother had asked her to accompany her on her trip to California. Katie could hardly believe her luck her Grandmother had even convinced her mother to let her go which had been no small task. Since Lenore (Katie’s mother) was dead set against Katie going at first, but Bernice (Katie's Grandmother) had insisted that Katie go along saying she didn't like traveling alone. And so Lenore had ever so reluctantly decided to let a much relieved and excited Katie go. As she watched Katie and her mother disappear down the hallway to board the plane, she began to have second thoughts, but it was too late they had already disappeared from sight. She had the distinct feeling that something awful was going to happen on the trip her daughter was taking.






Dima Daratrazanoff’s world had come crashing down on him two years earlier when he received a call from the police informing him that his wife had been involved in a car accident. Lori was his High School sweetheart they had dated through high school, than gotten married right after high school. Lori had gotten pregnant right away and given birth to a little girl whom they named Kayla. Their daughter was only a year old when Lori died. Lori had gone to a party, while Dima stayed home with Kayla. Unlike Dima, who had settled right into married life, she hadn’t settled down? She wanted to party and have fun with friends and wasn’t ready to care for a baby.


 The night of the accident she had gone to a party with Dima’s best friend Brian. They both had too much to drink, but had driven home anyway. Brian had rounded a sharp corner going too fast and had lost control of the car, causing it to flip over several times. He was killed instantly while Lori was transported to the hospital. Dima had raced to hospital and was able to see his wife one last time. Although it would have been better if he had been too late, because on her death bed Lori had revealed a terrible secret that still haunted Dima’s dreams. He was devastated by the loss of his wife, and Brian had been his best friend since Junior High. They had grown up together, and shared everything. He had been closer to Brian than he was to his own twin brother.


After the funeral he had crawled through daily life. Dima had returned to college, and took care of his baby whom he loved dearly. He had a lot of help from his parents, and had finally graduated in May. . His friends had talked him into going to L.A for the summer to celebrate their college graduation. Dima was also working part time at Daratrazanoff Enterprises until the summer was over. This was something that annoyed his brother Dmitry to no end. His twin brother  believed he should be working full time, not messing around with friends. They were identical twins, but other than physical attributes they were as different as night and day. Both were tall like their father standing at 6”4. They had broad shoulders and hair that was as black as coal. Dima’s hair was cut short, while Dmitry’s hair touched his shoulders giving him a rebel like appearance. Their skin was a deep bronze taken from their Crow ancestors, and they had their mother’s green eyes. Dima had a calm and gentle nature, while Dmitry had a much darker nature. Their Father was from a powerful Russian family headed by his grandfather Vladimir Daratraznoff a cold man that ruled with an iron fist.


“Dima, this is crap!” Dmitry told him, holding up the report in question. He was reviewing Dima’s reports for their father.


            “What’s wrong with it?” Dima asked. He was standing by the window in his office looking out at the city of Los Angeles.


“It’s sloppy and in concise.” Dmitry replied. “You need to spend a little less time partying and a little more time doing your job! This part time shit isn’t going to fly!” He told Dima.

“Dad told me I could work part time this summer.” He reminded his brother.


“I know what Dad told you. This dead wife shit is only going to work for so long!”


“What?” Dima demanded his face darkening.


“You heard me. Your wife has been dead for over two years. Get over it!”


“I don’t expect you to understand. You’ve never given a damn about anyone!” Dima exclaimed.


“These reports need to be redone before you give them to Dad.” Dmitry said, rising from his chair.


“I’m not redoing them.” He replied, shaking his head.


“Fine, turn them in like that. Dad will just hurl them back at you! If you don’t want to work that’s fine resign, but if you’re going to work here then work!” He ordered.


“When was the last time you got laid?” Dima wondered aloud.


“This morning. Why?” He asked.


“Was Leonid there?” Dima asked shaking his head. Well aware of his brother’s reputation for sharing women with his bodyguards. “Have you ever had a girlfriend of your own?”


“Not recently. What’s your point?” He asked with a frown. He knew Dima didn’t understand his need to share his dates with his bodyguards.


“Aren’t you tired of having meaningless sex all the time?”


“You should talk. According to the guys you’re going to set a new record in one night stands.” Dmitry told him.


“I’m not like you; I want a family of my own.” Dima replied.


“Then stop moping around and get one already!” Dmitry told him coldly.


“I wish it was that easy.” Dima muttered.


“I don’t have time for this.” Dmitry told him as he started for the door. “I suggest you redo those reports, because if Grandpa sees those he’ll be flying in from the Island for sure, and it will be your ass!!”


Dima watched as his brother exited the office before turning back to the window. He wished he could be as cold as Dmitry; nothing seemed to bother his brother, but at the same time he felt sorry for his brother who had never known what it was like to be in love.


            Dmitry left the office building with his security detail and headed for the airport where a company jet waited to fly him home. He was tired and his brother’s cutting remarks hadn’t helped. The truth was he was sick of having meaningless sexual encounters with various women, but he had never met a woman yet that could hold his interest. Francesca had held his attention for a while, but eventually he had become bored with her as well. He had very little respect for women in general, save his Mother. Dima had loved his wife dearly, but she had been a little cheat. An Autopsy had been performed on Lori’s remains, ordered by his Grandfather. The report had noted that she had intercourse on the night that she died. Since Dima was at home with their baby, she hadn’t had sex with him. His Grandfather had of course pushed further. Samples of semen were taken, and a comparison on DNA identified Brian as the donor. Lori had been banging Dima’s best friend, but that wasn’t the worst of Lori’s secrets he knew. Dmitry only hoped that the other secret never came out. His parent’s were unaware of Lori’s deceit; his Grandpa had only shown him the report. That report had left a bitter taste in his mouth, and he had come to the conclusion women were good for only one thing and that was sex. Dmitry had no interest in women beyond sex. He shared his dates with his bodyguards allowing him to keep his distance from women even during sex. Not that it mattered the women he dated were whores more than willing to let whichever bodyguard he chose fuck them. When the sex was over he was gone leaving the exhausted women in the care of his bodyguards. Dmitry hadn’t slept with a woman since his wife, that kind of intimacy had no place in his life, which made for a lonely existence. He found himself watching his parent’s with envy. They had such an open and loving marriage. His Father was a very lucky man they didn’t make women like his Mother anymore. The limo arrived at the airport and the door opened for him. Dmitry stepped out of the car and was immediately surrounded by his guards, who walked him to the ramp of his plane.


“You boy’s get some rest, I’ll see you in a week.” He told them as he started up the ramp. His Dad’s security people took over for his men.


Leonid frowned as he watched Dmitry ascend the stairs into the private plane. He wasn’t happy he didn’t need a fucking vacation!  Dmitry had a bad habit of pissing people off and there was more than a few people who wanted him dead. His Dad’s security people were competent, but not Russian. Americans tended to be soft in his opinion. The American guards weren’t stone cold killers by any measure. Dmitry’s Russian detail was made up of stone cold killers that’s what kept him alive, but you couldn’t tell him that. Having his entire security detail take vacation at the same fucking time was suicide. Somebody would blow his fool head off for sure! Fuck he wasn’t going on any damn vacation! He would just have to shadow Dmitry until his stupid vacation was over. He turned to the other men on the detail none of them looked happy. “You boys go ahead and head to the resort.” He told them.


“What about you?” Yuri asked.


“I’m going to shadow Dmitry until my fucking vacation is over.” Leonid answered clearly pissed.


“Fuck that! We can take turns shadowing Dmitry.” Yuri suggested as the rest of the men nodded.


“No. I need you guys to head to the resort and cover for me. If Dmitry finds out were not at the resort he’ll have a fit, and will be sent off on another damn vacation.” He replied shaking his head. The men cursed and shook their heads, but in the end agreed with him.


Stepping inside the plane Dmitry sank into a plush leather chair with a weary sigh. This trip had been a complete waste of time. If only Dima would just do his job, it would help to take some of the weight off his shoulders. His Dad had started to depend on him more and more. He flew all over the world to take care of various business problems and it was starting to wear thin.






Landing in L.A Katie and Bernice leave the plane and walk toward the Airport Terminal where Katie's cousin Jaci is waiting for them.


"Grandma, Katie over here!" Jaci said waving as she pushed through the crowded Airport toward where they’re standing. "Grandma, I'm so glad you could make it, it's so good to see you."  Jaci said giving Bernice a hug.  "And Katie, I'm so glad you could come it's been so long since I last saw you, look how you've grown. My God I do believe Katie's sprouted breasts will you look at that!” Jaci replied loudly.


"Jaci!"  Katie admonished softly, turning three shades of red in her embarrassment.


"I'm just kidding!" Jaci said hugging Katie.  "It's good to see you."  Jaci replied as they all started walking toward the baggage claim area.  "Boy are we going to have some fun Katie. I’ve got it all planned out, it's about time you got out and had some new experiences, and a boyfriend." Jaci said slyly, as they entered the baggage area, which was packed full of people waiting to get their luggage. 


"Grandma why don't you let Katie bunk over at my apartment she'll have great time at my place, what with all my roommates." Jaci said.


"Of course Katie can stay with you, she'll have a lot more fun over at your place, than she will at Russell's."  Bernice replied hoping that a couple of weeks with Jaci would bring her out of the deep depression she had been in the last couple of years.  Time away from her mother was exactly what Katie needed.  Bernice feared that Lenore would destroy the girl eventually, and secretly wished Katie would never have to return to Lenore and her hateful ways.


"Is it always this crowded?"  Katie asked not liking being so enclosed.  Especially being that she only stood 5"2 in height and most everyone towered over her.


"What can you expect it's summer and tourist season.  But don't worry we'll be out of here soon."  Jaci said seeing Katie's disturbed look.


"There’s our bags now!" Bernice said indicating their suitcases.


Having collected their bags they head through the Airport and out into the parking lot too Jaci's car. Opening her trunk Jaci helped them load their luggage.


"Geeze Katie!" Jaci exclaimed taking her only bag from her. "I can already see I'm going to have to teach you the finer points of packing. The first lesson being always over pack never and I mean never under pack!"  Jaci said closing the trunk. "Hey Katie you wanna drive?" Jaci asked jokingly.


"I can't drive!" Katie answered stunned at her offer. At sixteen she had yet to get her license.


" Neither can I but that's never stopped me!" Jaci replied. "Just ask my Dad he'll tell you." Jaci replied getting into her car and starting the engine.  Than pulling out of the parking spot they head out with Katie hurriedly pulling on her seat belt.  "Are you scared Katie?" Jaci asked laughing at her actions as Katie casts her and unsure look.






Dima laid in bed staring at the ceiling of his room thinking over what his brother had said. Maybe he wasn’t cut out to work at Daratrazanoff. He wasn’t like his brother, he didn’t want to spend every waking moment at work. He wanted a family and more children. The problem was he was afraid to love again because he never wanted to hurt like that again. Would there never come a day when he would be able to put his heart in harm’s way again?  It had been two years since his wife Lori had died. The two people he had cared the most for in this world were gone, leaving in their wake an empty place.  His thoughts turned toward his daughter Kayla who he had neglected in his grief over her mother's death.  He had not seen her all summer, leaving her in the care of his mother. He  wished he could be more like his older brother Dmitry. But they were complete opposites, which was odd because they were twins. They had been close as children but had drifted apart after high school. He missed that closeness with his brother. Dmitry had always looked out for him. And in a lot of ways he still did.


The stirring of the woman's body that lay next to his in the bed brought him out of his troubling thoughts as he glanced down at the young woman who slept so peacefully in his arms. Her hair was long and dark her eyes were green. Her body was a golden brown. Exceptionally beautiful, and a hot fuck; he thought as he lay studying her as she slept. They had met at one of the many parties he and his friends had attended since coming here to celebrate their graduation from college. Dima had enjoyed the past two weeks he had spent with Colleen, but though he cared for her he knew he didn't love her. Knowing how deep her feelings for him were he decided it was time to end their relationship. Sitting up, he pulled on his robe and climbed out of bed. Going into the bathroom he turned on the shower and removed his robe. As he washed off he was haunted by the night his wife had died. Lori’s death wasn’t the worst memory he had of the night she died.        


In the bedroom Colleen stirred awake she reached over for Dima. Not finding him she sat up and glanced around the room. Hearing the shower she glanced toward the bathroom door with a smile. She was about to get up and join him when the phone rang. She answered it reluctantly. 


" Could I speak to Dima?" Sergei asked, sitting at his desk in his office.


"He's in the shower at the moment could I take a message?" She asked as she sat in bed.


"Tell him his father called and wants him to call back as soon as possible."  Sergei replied.


"I'll tell him."  She replied.


"Thank you.”  Sergei replied before hanging up.

            She replaced the phone on the hook and pulled on a green silk robe Dima had given her. Turning around she found him dressed in a pair of jeans and red T-shirt.


"Good morning."  She replied softly with a smile, her eyes glowing with love for him.     


"Morning! Who was that on the phone?"  He asked going to the nightstand to get his watch. 


"It was your father. He wants you to call him back."  Colleen replied, before going into the bathroom. Going over to the nightstand Dima picked up the phone and dialed his father's office. Dima listened as the phone rang.


"Hello.” Sergei said as he picked up his private phone.


“Father, its Dima, you wanted to speak to me?” Dima said sitting down on the bed.


“How’s California? Are you enjoying yourself?” He asked his son as he signed reports.


“Good.” He replied simply.


“Did you talk to Dmitry?” He asked.


“Yes, I met with him yesterday.”


“Did he go over your reports?” He asked, setting down his pen to lean back in his chair.




“Where are they? I need those reports done for the quarter.” He told his son.


“I faxed them to you last night.” He answered.


“They must be in the stack Judy brought in this morning. Have you seen your brother this morning?”


“No. He flew back to the ranch yesterday.” Dima answered.


“He’s in Colorado? He hasn’t shown up at the ranch.” Sergei said with a frown.


“He said he was returning to the ranch.”


“He’s probably off messing around with some woman.” Sergei muttered shaking his head. “Well I won’t keep you son, I’m sure you have things to do. Your mother wants to know when you’ll be coming home?”


“I told her I was planning to spend the summer down here.” Dima said with a sigh.


“She worries about you. We both do.” Sergei admitted.


“I’m fine, I need to get to the office.” He lied.


“Bye Son.”


“Bye.” Dima said, hanging up the phone.



Jaci and Katie arrived at her apartment and began to unload the car having dropped Bernice off at Jaci's Dad's house.  Throwing open the door to her apartment, Jaci and Katie enter closing the door behind them


"Well what do you think?"  Jaci asked indicating the apartment. Katie looked around the messy room in disbelief.  How could anyone live in such filth Katie wondered, but than again at least her mother wasn't there and that in it's self made the place seem almost welcome.


"It's nice." Katie replied setting her stuff down.


" Sorry about the mess but we had a party recently and we just haven't got around to cleaning the place." Jaci said noticing the look Katie had given the place.


"That's okay!" Katie replied before looking for a place to sit down in the mess.


"So tell me what's your Mom been up to these days?"  Jaci asked before throwing some clothes off a stuffed chair to sit down.


"Not much, she's been looking for a job, but she's so picky I doubt she'll find a job."  Katie said from her spot on a old brown sofa, having found a spot free of clothing.


"How’s Anna and David? Jaci asked.


"Their okay. They’re both getting bored though, there isn't much for them to do in Spokane during the summer."  Katie replied.


"Well we better find you a place to sleep, although you won't be getting much sleep tonight." Jaci said leading her into one of the bedrooms where a cot had been set up for her. Jaci lived in a three bedroom apartment with two roommates. The apartment was small but nice. "Great Shawn did remember to get a cot. Well Katie you’re all set now.  Just throw your stuff in the corner" Jaci said surveying the room.


"Why won't I be getting very much sleep."  Katie asked as she set her stuff in a corner of the room.


"Because I'm taking you out tonight, its about time you see more of the world."  Jaci said before leaving the room. "Who knows maybe will even find you a boyfriend." Jaci called from the living room.


"Mom wouldn't like me going out!" Katie replied coming out to the living room.    


"Well your Mom's not here and if we don't tell her she'll never find out will she?" Jaci replies slyly.     


Katie shakes her head and smiles at the idea of doing something behind her mother’s back.




Coming out of the bathroom after showering and dressing Colleen crossed to the patio door. Dima stood there moodily surveying the world through the glass door of the patio.


"Good morning."  She said, slipping her arms around him from behind.


"Morning!"  Dima replied softly before turning to give her a leisurely kiss. He wanted her one last time. His lips than moved down over her neck. Pausing for a moment, he pulled her shirt up and over her head. His hand cupped her breast rubbing the nipple through her black lace bra. Unfastening her bra his mouth settled over her nipple, causing her to moan. Next he unfastened her black slacks and pushed them down, his hand sliding into her black lace panties. Feeling how wet she was he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He pulled off his shirt as she unfastened his jeans, pushing the jeans off his hips and down his legs. Falling back onto the bed they rolled so that she was on top. Her mouth moved down over his hair dusted chest stopping to swirl her tongue around his nipple. She licked her way down his navel until she reached his enormous erection. Her tongue licked over the crest tasting him. He tasted wild. His hands fisted in her hair as her tongue rubbed the sensitive spot under the head. “Suck my cock!” He ordered pushing his cock passed her lips. She glided halfway down his shaft, then back up. He swelled under her attention becoming even harder if that was possible. Her hands wrapped around him and she stroked up and down as she sucked. Than she dove downward, taking his entire cock into her mouth. “Oh, baby that’s so good. Your mouth is so hot and tight.” His cock throbbed with the need to release. He groaned in pleasure as he began to fuck her mouth with shallow thrusts, before deepening his thrusts until he was fucking her throat. Her hands cupped his balls as she sucked him even deeper. She bobbed up and down, gently massaging his balls. Her moans vibrated down his length pushing him closer to the edge. He stroked his fingers through her hair as the tension built within him. He fought to stay in control wanting to enjoy her hot little mouth. She was the best fuck he’d had in a while. When he could no longer stand it he pulled free of her mouth with a pop. Reaching down he picked her up laying her back on the bed. He kissed her long and deep his tongue dueling with hers before he dropped kisses along her throat and down over her breast. He licked one pert nipple, than covered it with his mouth. He swirled his tongue around and around before drawing it deep into his mouth. She moaned and wrapped her hands around his head to draw him closer. He sucked her other hard nipple into his mouth laving her nipple with his tongue he bit lightly at the sensitive tip before sucking it deeper into his mouth. Colleen thrashed on the bed as sensation after sensation washed over her. Dima kissed his way down over her navel to swipe his tongue through her sensitive slit that was drenched with her cream. He licked her slit, then stroked her clitoris with his finger. She sighed, then arched as he covered her sensitive nub with his mouth. His tongue swirled over her clit, round and around, then he sucked. She moaned, running her fingers through his hair. His finger swirled inside her as he licked and sucked her clit. Pleasure washed through her, rising faster and faster until she gasped, then wailed in orgasm. He moved upward and kissed her breast, then licked her nipple. She reached for his long, hard cock, and stroked it. He shifted into position before hastily donning a condom. Nudging her opening, he slid inside. She sucked in air at the exquisite feel of his cock. She squeezed his hard shaft her muscles tightening around it. She wrapped her arms around him. He began to move, slowly impaling her, then drawing back, then impaling her again. He thrust deep then drew back, and thrust again. Pleasure rippled through her as he picked up speed, pounding into her again and again. She moaned at the delicious sensations racing through her body. “Oh god! I’m so close!” She cried. His hand delved between them and he flicked her clit. Pleasure washed through her turning to pure joy and she wailed in yet another intense orgasm. He groaned as he exploded.  Rolling her over he brought her to her knees so he could fit his still hard cock against her opening she whimpered as he pressed into her swollen folds again. His stamina was amazing the sex incredible. He pushed into her slowly until he was fully seated then he began to thrust harder and faster riding her to another earth shattering climax before coming again          

"I love you!" She told him when she was finally able to breathe. She had collapsed on the bed after her mind blowing climax.  Hearing her admission he  sat up with a sigh.


“What’s wrong?” She asked in surprise.


"I should have ended it sooner. I'm sorry Colleen." Dima replied, turning toward her.


"What do you mean you should have ended it sooner? We just made love!"  She replied, stunned at his admission.


"I care for you as friend, but I don’t love you." Dima replied truthfully while cursing himself for not ending it sooner.


“We’re so good together!  Aren’t I good enough for you?"  Colleen asked, her voice breaking, tears springing into her eyes.


"That's not it at all," Dima assured her.  "Ever since losing my wife I've been unable to love. Maybe it’s because I'm afraid of loving someone again; I don't know.  I'm very sorry if I hurt you, it wasn't my intention." Dima told her.


“You were just using me for sex, is that it?” She asked angrily.


“No, I enjoyed being with you.” He told her shaking his head.


“Than why are you breaking up with me?” She asked, tears streaming from her eyes.


“It wouldn’t be fair to you to continue our relationship. You deserve someone who will love you in return.” He told her gently.          


"I see.  Well I better get going I have to be at work soon."  She said in defeat. Rising from the bed naked, she quickly gathered her clothes before going into the bathroom her heart broken.


After Colleen had left Dima wandered across the room to the patio door, struggling against memories of the past.  Would he ever find a girl for whom he could love? He was so wrapped up in his own dilemma that he forgot that he had a crucial meeting set up for that morning. The meeting was important as Daratrazanoff Industries was looking to buy out one of its competitors.



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