The Four Walls | By: Georgina Kloke | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

The Four Walls

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I sit and stare at these four walls,
My mind is all ablur.
A million deep emotions
take me to a different world.
I long to sit outside in dark,
have the night air hold me tight.
Just let the breeze carress my skin
but keep me out of sight.
I long to run, to hide away
from prying eyes, and then
I realize that it would make me
all alone again.
One part of me says, run away,
the other says I should stay.
Why does this world in which we live
take all my smiles away?
And then I look up at my stars,
they comfort to me bring.
And then sweet thoughts return to me
as I hear the night birds sing.
So, now I know through such dark times,
there's always light out there,
since every night turns into day
and I know someone will care.
He'll take my hand and lead me through
the early morning hours.
My trembling knee's he'll steady
and then my sadness cowers.
We give each other strength because
in the end we'll find,
together we will seek the paths
we've dreamt inside our minds.
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