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My Story

Hi Friends I am student of 10th Grade in HIGH SCHOOL in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
in India. I love to write stories and this is one of them. I also write LYRICS
and Poems.Although This is my first story 0nline It is well protected by Law. Do
enjoy It. Any comments or request must be sent at [email protected].spell The Name Kramash As kraamash>


By Sudha S Misra under the Pen Name----***KRAMASH

Kramash _a_S T A R I  N


and beyond

Kramash wake up. Its time for school “, cried Tory to awaken Kramash from her
deep sleep. Kramash got up as it was a very tiring effort for her .She
shouted,” Getting ready in 15 minutes.” She ran here and there to get her
books and clothes in order. Down the breakfast table Tory was amazed and rather
jovial to see that Kramash was rather improper than usual. Kramash waved goodbye
to Tory and proceeded to school. 

Kramash is a 15-year-old girl, with beautiful brown
onyx eyes shining making a glare in the morning sun. Today was the opening
session of her school (Imperial High) of 10th Grade in Alvador.She
lives with her elder brother Tory who was 17 years and her father Mr. Sumeet
Malhotra.Kramash’s life is just a spoiled one. Even to get her report card
signed she has to undergo many troubles. Kramash was born to a Hindu father and
a Catholic mother. Kramash looks just like her mother who is dead now. 

Kramash looked rather frustrated when Vaidya saw her.
Vaidya was the best bosom friend of Kramash. “How are you doing?” asked
Vaidya, “any problem over there with your cycle.”  “No, just it making sound. Anyways, how was your
vacation”? Replied Kramash. “Was alright”, said Vaidya. Usually they had a
small talk as both never had many topics to share, as they knew mosts of each

Climbing some stairs they reached their new classroom
that was pretty big and seen empty. After having some talks between her and
other classmates, it was the time for the bell to ring and the first lecture to
start although it was an introduction. 

“Class, I am Mr. Ajay Joseph, your class teacher
for this year. Hope we have a good class this year. We all know each other since
last year but this year we have a new student in our class. His name is Sameer
Kapoor. Hope you all will get along each other.” Sameer was quite good looking
guy with blue eye and onyx hair impressed most of the people around. But Kramash
was still not actually, she wanted to tease him and just create scenes was the
naughtiest part of Kramash. During Science lecture, Sameer was asked a question
by Ms. Prods that what was the meaning of Chordate. Sameer knew it and still was
confused, Kramash got her opportunity; “its spins” 
and to what happened is that Sameer was confined to a wall punishment.
This made him very angry but he did not loose his temper. Kramash was happy
doing such thing and day went like that.  

The next day was brighter than the previous one and
the school was again busted with noises, it was always noises. While entering
the staircase, Kramash muttered, “ bad omen. You ruined my day” seeing
Stephen. Stephen was always the one to put Kramash in trouble. Although the two
never expressed enmity, but still actions speaks louder than words. 
They passed by each other without noticing each one. The real things was
hidden between originality and realness. During the library period the students
were allowed to enter the library. The library was brilliantly full of books.
Kramash was going through the sections of story when Stephen got his
opportunity. A strange thing happened when the shelf started shaking and it was
to fall on Kramash who was unknown to her fate. Luckily, Sameer pull her hand at
the last minute. Instead of thanking him she started shouting on him, “you,
what do you think yourself – type of Hercules? Anyways thanks.” 

Oh! My goodness thought Sameer. She is as rude as
Cleopatra, impossible to convince her that I am rescuer of her life. The thing
beats me more than a meteor. Vaidya was angry on Kramash for not being sorry to
Sameer. At last Kramash was to asked to Sameer to forgive her and they became
friends ever onwards. 

It was a month since the new session begun and
Vaidya, Kramash and Sameer were the best friends or rather worst best friends.
As there was always a thing or two as a conflict. Both thought that Sameer was
good at studies and a good helper. But there was something else. Something very
grave, something, which was a great secret – that was the possession of
magical power. This was a great secret kept by Sameer. He was waiting for an
opportunity, which he got on 1st of July termed as Kramash’s
Birthday. That day he decided to give the magical powers to her that day ----the
ultimate day. That morning Vaidya and Sameer called Kramash on to a park.

Sameer Talked to Kramash. ” Kramash what I am going
to tell you is a big secret  .I am a
Starin –which means protector of Universe. You believe it or not but that’s
the truth. Here hold this Pentagram And You will believe it.”

Kramash was not even allowed to speak a word .She
took the pentacle and she saw a glory pathway. That was the real Magic.
They’re much more to be unfolded and it all seemed as the tip of an iceberg.
Kramash was a magician by birth and has the powers to be a Starin. She was
unbelievably good at magic .She had already Impressed the other Protectors of
Universe. Sameer was very much attentive and great Leader of Starins. 

But, the mystery was not ended –a very great grave
thing or better incident was on its verge was yet to happen. The Black Master
had rather kept this time reserved for his Tests and supervision. It was a Big
Black Hole that was forwarding towards the earth .It had to be destroyed and if
not soon then it would ruin the magic powers. It seemed rather confusing to

She was ready to handle it however. 

It was a cold and frost night and they were standing
in front of St. Gabriel’s Church and there it was behind them; the cementary.
Earlier they had written a clue on a piece of paper, which was handed over to
them. It readed ‘105 AM north tower ‘It was a puzzle but not to the
brilliance of the kids of Imperior High. They soon marred it by finding the
grave of Mr. Defog Greg under which they found the black Emerald .It shone
itself. They had now just left to throw it into the black hole. This was most
Dangerous thing to be done. They used their Magical Powers to determine it .

Thus they saved the world from a grave thing. They
are the best team in the world.

Be ever onward and forward in our life. Who knows
what awaits  us in our life whether
that is what we believe it or not ---short or long .One thing that I learnt from
it is that anything can happen in life the way we accept it matters the most.
Don’t you think so. Its up to you.


Thank u
















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