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Things to consider...

-Do you immediately judge people whose smell you don't like?
-Are you disgusted and disappointed with how hard it can be to connect with people?
-Do you think most people are out of touch with their emotions, leading to monstrous inhibitions and an inability to communicate honestly?
-Do you ever wonder if too much knowledge could hold you back in life? Do you think that there has to be a balance between knowledge and experience?
-How often do you lie to make your life sound more interesting?
-Do you think many psychiatrists secretly enjoy listening to their patients on a purely entertainment level?
-If you could get away with it, would you harm someone who hurts small animals?
-Do you have a hard time looking certain people in the eye? Do you wonder if this is somehow related to forgotten childhood experiences?
-Do you ever feel like your facial expressions and body language might reveal much more than you want them to?
-Do you think you are powerful enough to change someone into what you want them to be? At least when they're with you?
-Do you ever have conversations with imaginary lovers?
-Do you ever have little rap sessions of encouragement for your internal organs?
-Are you aware of your capacity to incite violence in somebody else?
-Do you watch television shows about teenagers? Do you like to watch them squirm in the face of their emotions?
-Do you often feel nervous when you use public washrooms?

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