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I have a Relationship wtih the Sky

I have a relationship with the sky.
Lying on my back, arms and legs spread out like a starfish,
I engage the broad beast and open lines of communication.
I may giggle, I may wince, but mostly I just stare.

The arms of clouds perform magic tricks.
The depth of the blue canvas almost pulls me in.
I swear Id disappear into that giant bath of fresh air.
No, no! I say, holding my arms out, rolling around, laughing.

What am I, a hot air ballon?
Not even, I wish.
Down here, on the ground, I have purpose.
But up there, Id straight disappear.
Id be a pinpoint in the farthest corner of the sky, impossible to see,

I listen to what the sky has to say
What ends up as a whisper in my ear,
started as a roar from great heights and distances.
I respond with thoughts of love and gratitude.
Its a gentle conversation that makes me smile with wonder,
and want for none other.
Thoughts and sounds chasing each other across the sky,
its what friendships are made of.

These are some of the things that make me happy,
to have a friend of such great magnitude,
and always ready to play.
Friendships are what make life fun.
I look forward to each day.

I have a relationship with the sky.
We totally hang out.
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