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Expect The Unexpected When You're Expecting

Two men have been gathering test subjects for the past month, their motive: develop the perfect child. They have collected 50 subjects; 25 men and 25 women, and testing is to be completed by the end of the year. Both men are homosexual, and each with successful careers in biomedicine.


Isaac has made a breakthrough in his work with extremely early confirmation of pregnancy, along with speeding up the process of fetal development in the womb. He has also found a way to extract sperm from a male subject, without any external ejaculate required. Dale has developed a way to manipulate DNA, thus being able to choose the sex, eye and hair color, along with skin pigmentation. With a series of injections, and other intravenous medicine, both before conception, and after, a fully developed child can now be born in the matter of weeks, not months.


With this, the mother’s body is extremely worn, some of which do not survive past the initial set of injections, while some after conception. The men used in the studies are immediately killed once conception has been confirmed.


Same sex child adoption has been outlawed; this is the only alternative, as they both would like to raise a child from birth. Isaac is responsible for choosing the women, while Dale chooses the men, neither of them have any real preference other than every test subject is single and no close immediate family. With Dale being the stronger of the two, he was deemed fit to collect the men, as they would normally be more prone to physical violence. Isaac is smooth and deceiving, he is easily able to lure women back to the facility.


“More women are dying than expected.” Isaac told Dale.


“We should have enough, no?” Dale responded.


“I believe so; there are only 3 women and 3 men left. I’ll let you choose who should be paired with whom this time.”


“I’ve always had better taste, anyway, but thanks.”


After the first woman fails to conceive, her and the male subject are taken and killed, their bodies cremated along with the others. The second woman is receiving the medicine and reacting nicely, there are no complications with the initial set of injections. The sperm is then collected from the male, and is then delivered into the female. In mere hours, it is confirmed that the woman is in fact pregnant.


The remaining two men, along with the last woman, are then exterminated and cremated.


Dale confesses to Isaac, “I can’t believe his actually worked!”



“Of course it was going to work, just took a little longer than expected.” Isaac replied.

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