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The Welcoming Beach

The Welcoming Beach
By: Samantha Temple

As I walked across the beach that night,
I gazed upon a midnight light,
The stars were looking down on me,
As if I was two-foot-three,

The waves were crashing onto my feet,
As if they were waiting a long time for me,
The sand beneath my feet felt warm to the touch,
I really enjoyed it very much,

I was walking along with a bucket of seashells,
That Iíve collected from the giving beach,
All of a sudden I heard some yells,
The beach goers were encouraging me to reach,

I tried to reach for the biggest shell in the water,
Then I fell into the warmness of itís hold,
Then I sit there thinking of my home,
And how it was the best place to be, I was told,

But this wave pushed me back onto the beach,
I felt the cool sand against my back,
The moonlight was shining on my skin the color of a peach,
I stare into the sky of nothing but black

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