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Love In The City Chapter 1

     Jay and his dad just finished up on a desk that was ordered by a fellow in New York City.  He and his dad  made custom furniture and this desk  was made of heavy oak.  


   His dad said," I have to go to Savannah I want you to deliver this desk can you please."


    Jay said," Ah, Dad you know I don't like cities." 


    His dad said,"  Look I have to go if I make this deal we won't have to deliver any of this furniture we will have a freight company do that."



      Jay thought about it and if his dad can make this deal they won't have to worry about being shorthanded because one of them  have to deliver a piece or more of furniture.  



     He agreed because he knew his dad was right and they put the desk and roller chair in the trailer and tied them down.  


     His dad said," Oh in about 2 hours check the straps and make sure the chair and desk hasn't shifted."   


      He got in the Ford F150 and he started it up pulled slowly to the road and swung wide so he could make it on the road and off he went.


   He was gone from the shop for 10 minutes when his cellphone rang and it was his dad. 



    His dad asked," Did I remind you to check those straps in a couple of hours?"


     Jay said," Yes you did dad."    


      He hung up and laughed because he knew his dad had a right to be concerned heck he is concerned


       He was mentally planning and today was Tuesday and this should take  about 3 days he figured until Friday probably.  Well he drove for 2 hours and got as far as Atlanta and pulled over at one of the weigh stations and opened up the back of the trailer and checked each strap and they were all to his satisfaction. 


      One of the highway patrolman came over and asked," So, what you doing?"


       Jay said," I was checking to see if the load shifted and it didnt."


       He asked," What you hauling?"


        Jay said,"  An oak desk and chair my dad and I made."


       The patrolman asked," To where?"


       Jay said," New York City dad would normally do this but he is talking to a freight hauling company down in Savannah."            


         The patrolmen said," Have a safe trip."


          Jay walked to the driver side door and got in the truck and drove back on the interstate.  


           Jay tuned the radio to a country station and Randy Travis was on singing Look Heart No Hands. 

           Jay figured he should be able to make it to Columbia, South Carolina before he gets too tired.   He keeps driving and around 11:00 he finally pulls into Columbia and he is yawning he has driven for over 12 hours and he is feeling it.  He gets to the Super 8 hotel and just stops the pickup and trailer at the curb about 10 feet from the lobby. 


          He got to the front desk and pulled out the company debit card and said," I need a room please."


           The man did some calculating and said," That will be $50 please."


            He handed the debit and said," Credit please."


             The man said," Sure."


             After he got directions he took the elevator to the 3d floor and he passed by a couple and got to his room and he put the key card in and the door opened.


               He puts his bag on one of those genetic desks and luggage table and stripped to his boxers t climb into under the covers for the much deserved sleep and fell asleep within 5 minutes.


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