The Gift Of A Godly Man | By: Chakeitha TeAira Jackson | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share

The Gift Of A Godly Man

Not the usual critical love
but real
not as awsome as the lord
but is sent down from him
in the form of a Godly man

he doesn't make your body tingle
he doesnt make your mind wander
but he makes your heart flutter
and converts your eyes to bulging hearts

you cant wait to be with him
but you're so blush around him
you want to express your feelings
but you are so determined to do ONLY
the will of God

so you pray
lord allow me to keep these feelings
ONLY IF! he is mine

and they remain
consuming your mind from day to day
i've never smiled so much
i've never felt this way

no visions of the bedroom
no daydreams of long kissing or holding hands
just his holiness
Gods love reaching out from him
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