INA GYM ON A WET DAY. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


I want to be with you,
Yiska says.

It's raining,
we're in the main hall,
looking out
at the downpour,
other kids are
in groups talking,
others are playing
card games,
others are running around
playing tag games.

We are together.

Alone together,
not here with these.

I study her
standing there,
her eyes focusing
on the rain,
her arms crossed
in frustration.

Can't be helped,
I say.

We could go elsewhere
and be alone.

She turns
and looks at me.


Any where’s better
than here.

Let's go see
where is free.

We walk through
the hall,
passing kids,
looking out
for prefects or teachers.

We walk out
in a corridor,
passing other kids
on the move,
prefects rushing by.

In here,
she says,
pulling me
by the hand
into the gym.

She closes the door.

Empty and quiet.

I look around the gym.

Smell of sweat
and wet clothes.

She takes me further in
and we go over
behind the screened
off area
where mats
and equipment are kept.

Here will do.

Do for what?

She kisses me
and draws me
close to her.

I sense her body
against mine;
her small breasts
against my chest.

She tastes of
bubblegum and milk.

Her lips are open,
her teeth visible.

I want you,
she says,
I dream of having
you alone.

We are alone.

Not for long though,
be end of recess soon.

I kiss her,
lips on skin,
on cheek,
lips on lips.

We pause
listening to the rain;
outside the upper window
where the raindrops drip.

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