LOVELY FAIR HAIR. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Children Bookmark and Share


I see Fay's old man
arguing with the baker
in the Square

the baker's horse
eats from a nose bag
about the raised voices

what's up
with your old man?
I ask her

she stands next to me
on the balcony
looking down

he thinks
the baker's a Jew
and says she doesn’t
want no Jesus killer
handling his bread

but it's the same baker
we've always had

I know but you know
my dad once he gets
an idea he follows it
through to the end

I watch
as the two men argue

the horse eats away
a crowd gathers

why take it out
on the baker
he didn't even
know Jesus?
I say

Fay looks embarrassed
and bites
her finger nails

he's like that
if he thinks anyone
had anything to do
with the Crucifixion
he's on their case

we watch
as the baker
shrugs his shoulders
and strokes
his horse's neck

Fay's old man
walks away
pointing his finger

best hide
she says
if he sees me
talking to you
and thinks I’ve
been watching him
he'll have ago
at me and you

so we move along
the balcony
and crouch low
down by the wall

we hear her old man
coming up
the concrete stairs
moaning still
his voice echoing
along the balcony

but Jesus was a Jew
I whisper
and so was his mother

she puts a finger
to my lips
and says

I know
(in a low whisper)
but Dad doesn't think
that way

I look at her
crouching there
her blue eyes
and lovely fair hair.

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