THE MILK ADVENTURE. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Children Bookmark and Share


On my way
to the shop
across the road
down the concrete stairs

of the flats
I saw Ingrid
sitting on a step
a floor down

from mine
what you
doing here?
I asked

I dropped
a pink of milk
on the way back
from the shop

and now
my dad'll kill me
I daren't go home
I looked at her

sitting there
old grey dress
matty hair
well you can't

sit here all day
your mum
will wonder
where you are

she looked at me
wide eyed
I know
but I can't

go home
until he's gone
to work or I’m for it
how long ago

did you drop it?
15 minutes or so
down by the slope
I thought

of the broken glass
and messy milk
wait here
I’ll talk

with my mum
so I went back
upstairs to our flat
and spoke to Mum

and she gave me
an extra bit of money
to get another
bottle of milk

so I went down
the stairs
and said
come on

let's get
another bottle
she asked

my mum
gave me
some money
to get another

but be careful
this time
she smiled
her goofy smile

and we went down
the stairs and out
through the Square
and down the slope

to the shop
the broken bottle
and spilt milk

and the morning sun
was coming over
the factory
beside the fresh fish shop

and we got
my mother's shopping
and another pint
and never spilt a drop.

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