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TheOneINeed 2

Hello all, this is Zia again with 2nd part of the one I need, continuing.
So James is 12 and so am I ( real ages, I was 11 at the time, he was 12)
 He told us his storie and I wanted to crie, it was so sad.
Sam, whoever didn't care, he was being so mean!
So I took Sam to the side and told him exactly this I was pissed, and I just exploded!!
" you know what Sam?! I am sick and tired of you treating james do horribly, he has donenothing to you! You keep being unsympathetic, and bullying him trying to say nasty inappropriate things ~Sam tries to interrupt~
No! I don't want to hear it!! Just fuck off and be the fuck nice!!! ( yes coming from a 12 year old)
Sam continued to curse~ yes in front of my mother~ while james kept on saying to him, not unkindly, shhh man, don't speak that way in front of lady' you could tell he was being completely passionate and genuine even my mom could tell!
James asked me once, do you know that song animals, by Martin Garrix? I said no and he did a really really good impression of that song, I then realized I knew the song, I hadn't known the name so I said yes and we had fun itmitating the song
It was lunch time so the people in charge gathered everybody, james ran into his room to get a pice of paper, so he could make me what's called a snapper. The man yelled for him so we went to the cafeteria and Sam and james went to get their lunch. My mom asked the man in charge if james could eat with us. The man considered it for a second them said ok, because james wasn't our family, and he saw that james was having a great time with us.
James got his food and sat down with me, mom, and Sam.
He folded the piece of paper into a snapper. He pulled back the edges and pulled it down hard and it snapped loud, like a gunshot. He gave it to me. I still have . He didn't eat his lunch because he was too busy staring at me:) we both were in heaven. Walking back to where he and Sam stayed, he asked me to hold his orange crus soda for a second and I di. When I was holding it I accidentally tripped over the curb and ye lid on his drink popped and splashed all over him!
 I apologized but he looked almost happy. Itkinda looked like Sam had tripped me, because he was being his usual old mean self, so james said " did you trip her? Man If you tripped her I will pound you when we get back to the room.."
It was so nice he was protective. I kind of wanted someone to do that because I had recently got over a ruff patch with my mom. He was wearing skinny jeans and a red and black flannel when I met him. Red and black where his favorite colors, green and black where mine.
He was proud he had saved 20$ and hid it from his mom so she wouldn't see it and use it to buy drugs.
He said it was in his pillowcase and when he got home he was gonna go to the liquor store down his street and buy a pack of starbursts. His favorite flavor was cherry, it was also my favorite flavor.
It was the last night I got to spend with him. 
It was getting dark and we had to go inside so we watched cartoon network and sat together. Sam obviously didn't want to sit by us so me and james pulled to chairs together and one to put our feet up on. We used the arms of the chairs as a table and I retaught him how to play 21 with a deck of cards.he managed to brush his fingers with mine at every chance once even while taking cards from me but looking and talking to my mom.
It was as close as we were getting in front of my mom. Well it was almost time for james and Sam to go to bed and the head man called james to come take some meds. He came back and we asked him what meds and what for, and he said it was some new sleeping meds. My mom was pisses at the guy because he had given james his new mess-an hour before bed!! What?!!!
We asked him if his mom cam to visit him, and he said " nope- wait yea yea yea she does, just to pick me up." his mom puts him Ina mental hospital just to get rid of him . 
Wtf? This kid, I felt so bad for him. He was a wonderful polite kid , didnt deserve his mom mistreating him and Sam being a jerk. We had to leave, then. I was so sad and could barely speak I had a lump in my throat. We looked at each other as we said goodbye. The next morning when Sam was out of the hospital and at home I had told him to tell james hi and bye, and Sam told me that james had said goodbye. He knew. James knew that we were never gonna see each other again. I wish every day we could meet again. He was in the hospital for 3 more days and I failed to visit him. I still tear myself up over that. It will be a year that I have known him in march of 2015.
All I have to remind me if him is this.
A visitors badge
A red and black flannel shirt
The snapper he made me 
And a pack of starbursts.              No pictures, because there were no phones allowed in the hospital.
                     Please remember  this is a true story and reall people and yes, I was 11 when this happens and I am 12 now
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