Billy and Betty Banana on a playdate | By: Janeeya Kimbrough | | Category: Short Story - Friendship Bookmark and Share

Billy and Betty Banana on a playdate

        Billy and Betty were on a playdate at Orange Park.Billy liked the slides and jungle gyms.Betty liked the swings and the pole.After that Betty's mother said."Betty,Billy.You can stay here for an hour.After we have to leave."Then everyone went inside. They started to through the tunnel and went down Speed of Light slide.Billy said" That was awesome." Betty said "Let's go on the jungle gym." They went to the jungle gym and nocited a grapefruit named Gru.He was a bully .He told Billy and Betty toto get  lost and it was his.But Billy and Betty knew what to do.INGORE!And it worked.Gru didn't bully them.And they had a good time.
                            The end.


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