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Open Caged Bird Flies Away

I can remember they told me let her fly away
Keep moving on and it will all be okay
But she wont leave her nest and I live in her tree
Please help me forget these visions I see
Where ever I look
If it were a place we did no more than step
If we just stopped and kissed, then turned and left
Just a moment we shared a stare, wink... and a smile
Take these memories... let me forget

I can remember thinking... she'll never return
Just before now... long after the pictures been burned
Should close this note book and lable it "Of You"
Put these words away, kept secret... none of them will do
What ever I say
No matter how the words may play
If I say I hate you but I ment "I just love you to much."
Take the memories... let me forget

I can remember... simply all too much
I can remember the unexplainable feeling of your touch
The drop hearted feeling of knowing there was always "us"
Take all these memories... I've had enough
I'm not angry any more... Just not happy at all
And I've learned to cope with this free fall
Soon I'll hit another bottom, look forward the day
Something worse to take this all away

Opened the cage and now I'm stuck in it
A prisoner of rage... and still the bird never came back
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