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Its been 5 years since I last saw him.

That night he took his belongings and left me.

I havent seen him since.

My husband. Thats whom. He left me

for someone who he said to love.


That night I called my best friend for 

some care and companionship.

She came and didnt dare knock on the door,

she just barged in knowing I wasnt

stable enough to walk and open it.

When she walked into my room, I was sitting

on the floor with my bare hands cupping my red face.

I couldnt stop crying that night.

How could I stop, knowing that my husband

fucked his ex girlfriend.


After that night, I havent seen him since.

My best friend got married to a guy I never met,


and I continued my life after 5 years.


One day, I woke up to the sound of my phone


It was Jennifer, my best friend calling.

"Hey. I know today is the day your husband left,

but I want to invite you to my baby shower.

My husband wont be here and it will just be ladies here.

Please come."She implored through the phone.

I replied with a simple "Yes".


That day was tragic. I could still feel the tears stained

on my cheeks. 

But I decided to go to her baby shower and forget what happened

on this tragic day.

After arriving, The sweet smell of cinnamon filled her house.

Women were dancing and having fun and no sign of men were near.

I hunged out with Jennifer the whole night not caring what consisted

of me.


But that changed when her front door opened.

I remember it perfectly.

It was him. His dark, unshaved face from that night.

I recalled every memory. Yes...It was her!

Jennifer...It was always her.

It was she whom my husband left me for.


I remember him telling me about someone named Jennifer

whom he loved truly.

He walked in and the mood changed of the room.

We stared at each other.

Him in shock and I in pain.

"So this is why you didnt invite me to your

wedding. This is why you came to my house that night 

with such a hurry. This is why you never let me meet your husband.

This is why you decided to hurt me?" Those were the last

words I ever spoke to my best friend before leaving her house.


She betrayed me for 5 years.

i never did see her again.

Nor did I see my ex-husband again.

I learned that the people you love the must will

hurt you in some way possible.


i forgave my ex husband.

Never did I forgive My beat friend again.





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