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I came across a new term - "image-thief". It substitutes the commonly used word, "copycat".
When i say "image-thief", i refer to a person who steals others' ownership of ideas.
Not only do they steal people's mindset, they would also observe people's actions in detail.
Worst still, an image thief might even do whatever it takes to have your identical appearence.
I came across a girl who cut an exact hairstyle as me. Plus, the way she carried herself
reminded me of myself. She's 1 year younger and we were studying in the same school.
I graduated from high school last year.
Since then, i've been feeling less stress. It felt like someone was mirroring me and i felt
obstructed. I couldn't be myself and i couldn't change the way i acted, can i? At least not for an image thief.

Honestly speaking, i still do feel i'm being replicated by my own close friends.
Some times, i feel so irate and i don't know what to do.

So i had to resort to coming here to write out my feelings & thoughts. Even though i have 2 online journals.
I do not want any of my friends to ask me who i'mrefering to and et cetera..

I dislike it when unnecessary friendship problems arise.

Ok. i think i'm out.
end of story.
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