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Understanding The Apocalypse

Understanding The Apocalypse

A book of expository sermons
from the Revelation of Jesus Christ

For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God - Not of works, so no one may boast---Ephesians 2:8-9.

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Chapter 1
Introduction To The Apocalypse
Chapter 2
The Message To Ephesus
Chapter 3
The Message To Smyrna
Chapter 4
The Message To Pergamum
Chapter 5
The Message To Thyatira
Chapter 6
The Message To Sardis
Chapter 7
The Message To Philadelphia
Chapter 8
The Message To Laodicea
Chapter 9
A Glimpse of Heaven
Chapter 10
The Scroll And The Lamb
Chapter 11
The Opening Of The Scroll
Chapter 12
The Tribulation Saints
Chapter 13
The Opening Of The Seventh Seal
Chapter 14
The Trumpet Judgments
Chapter 15
The Woe Judgments
Chapter 16
The Sixth Trumpet
Chapter 17
A Mighty Angel, A Little Scroll
Chapter 18
The Two Witnesses
Chapter 19
The Seventh Trumpet
Chapter 20
A Panorama Of History
Chapter 21
The Beast Out Of The Sea
Chapter 22
The Beast Out Of The Land
Chapter 23
The Remnant And The Kingdom
Chapter 24
The Fall Of Babylon
Chapter 25
A Time For Reaping
Chapter 26
Continuation Of The Seventh Trumpet Vision
Chapter 27
The Bowls Of Wrath
Chapter 28
The Fall Of Ecclesiastical Babylon
Chapter 29
The Details Of Babylon's Fall
Chapter 30
The Fall Of Political Babylon
Chapter 31
An Invitation To Rejoice
Chapter 32
The Marriage Of The Lamb
Chapter 33
The Coming Of Christ In Power And Glory
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
The Millennial Kingdom
Chapter 36
The Great White Throne Judgment
Chapter 37
An Overview Of The Eternal Abode
Chapter 38
The New Jerusalem
Chapter 39
The Epilogue
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by Jim McColloch

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