THE ANGEL | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Religous Bookmark and Share



Reach up and take my hand.
I will lead you to the Promise Land.
Your time is near. 
You need not fear.

No more pain, no more strife.
Eternal bliss awaits in thee afterlife.
I am an Angel from above,
sent to you with God’s love.

I see the tears that flow.
It is time to let go.
Feel the warm glow.
Your mate will be alright, I do know.

Heaven is a grandiose place,
And I have been assigned to your case.
I do know of your wonderful deeds,
And I shall attend to your needs.

Family and friends are waiting for you.
They know of the good you do. Raise up and hear the Angel’s sing.
Your passing is a gracious thing.

Hold on tight!
We are about to go through  tunnel of light.
From your suffering you are now free.
Your smile indicates you are glad you came with me.     

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