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A classy guy


Eddie Dukay, a sharp dresser, worked hard for everything to go his way.

A lot of sweat from the bottom, night and day. Working none stop,
to get to the top.

Left to wives that tried to pull him back.
The third kept him on the track.
She took up the slack.

When push came to a shove,
she showed real love.
They had a happy family, because she was not afraid,
to help fight the powers that be.

 he got the right part,
that touched the ladies heart.
He was on his way.
Many women wanted to play.

He gave in,
and committed a sin.
Temptation knocked on his door,
and showed him things, he had not seen before.

Paparazzi exposed his life.
Divorce was filed by his wife.
The scandal caused him to be dumped by the studio.
He could not stand to be let go!

He checked in to a fancy hotel, drank a bottle of the best champagne,
and jumped from a 8th story window!

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