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Ernie the Elevator - Version 1

Ernie the elevator was shiny and new.

He lived in a shiny, new building.

Ernie would go up, up, up.

Then he would go down, down, down.

Ernie loved to take kids up, up, up.

Then he would take them down, down, down.


After a long time

The building was getting old.

Ernie the elevator was getting tired.


When he opened the door,

He would say "G-R-O-A-N."


The children in the building felt sorry for him.

But the grownups didn't like the groans.

"We must get a new elevator," they said.


Ernie the elevator was scared.

He tried not to groan

When he opened to door.

He tried to be quiet

When he closed the door.


But he was too tired.

"G-R-O-A-N," he would say.

He couldn't help it.


Soon the building was fixed good as new.

When they came to take Ernie away

And get a shiny new elevator,

Ernie began to cry.

"B-O-O H-O-O," he said.


When the workers heard Ernie cry,

They were scared.

They thought the elevator had ghosts.


The grownups decided that since

Ernie the elevator always went up

And always went down

And didn't give anybody any trouble,

They would keep him after all.


The children were very happy

That Ernie would stay.

When they went to the playground,

They listened for Ernie's groans.


When grownups got on Ernie the elevator

And they heard him groan,

They remembered that

No matter how tired you get

You are still very special,

Even if you groan a lot. 


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