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Ernie the Elevator - Version 2

Ernie the elevator was brand new.

He lived in a shiny new three story building.

He took people up and down.

Ernie the elevator loved to take children

Up, up, up.

Ernie the elevator loved to take children

Down, down, down.


Ernie especially liked Manny and Dean.

They lived on the second floor.

Their mother would bring them down

In their baby stroller.


Ernie opened the door -

The door would go "shusshh."

Ernie closed the door -

The door would go 'husshh."


Manny and Dean liked to hear

The sounds of Ernie the elevator.


One day some workmen brought

Heavy boxes into the elevator.

Ernie worked very hard

To push the boxes upstairs.

He was very tired.


Ernie was not the same after that.

Each time he went to open the door

He would go "groooaan."


Manny and Dean liked this new sound, too.

It sounded a lot like their grandma

When she got up from her chair

And when she sat down in her chair.


One day little Dean and Manny were crying

For no good reason.

But when they heard Ernie groan,

They began to laugh instead.


Time went by and little Manny and Dean

Moved away.

The shiny new building became old.

Ernie the elevator's groan became louder.

But Ernie never stopped working hard

To bring people up, up, up

And to bring people down, down, down.


As a matter of fact,

Next time you are in South Beach

On Collins Avenue

And you just happen to be

In a three story building

And it just happens that the elevator

Goes "grooaan," when you go inside,

You'll know that this is the building

Where little Manny and Dean used to live.


You'll know that this elevator

Is none other than Ernie, the groaning elevator.

So just remember that no matter

How old you are

You are still loved for who you are

Even if you groan (or cry) a lot. 


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