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Ernie the Elevator


Once upon a time there was an elevator called Ernie.

He lived in a little seaside village hotel in Florida.

He had lived there for a long time.

Since he was old now

Ernie had a habit of going 'groan'

whenever he opened his door.

He also had a habit of going 'groan'

whenever he closed his door.


Time went on.

Ernie saw a lot of things change

In his neighborhood.

Sometimes very rich people came

Sometimes very poor.

Sometimes everybody would be very old.

Sometimes everybody was very young.

Sometimes there would be a lot of people

From far-away countries.


One sunny summer day

Ernie was just doing his job

Taking people up up up

And taking people down down down.

Suddenly two men came running

into the elevator with a shaggy brown dog.

The dog looked scared.


Ernie was scared too.

The men got off on the second floor.

Ernie was just an elevator

So he couldn't follow them

Or see what would happen to the dog.


In the middle of the night

Ernie felt a cold nose

Push the button to open his door.

It was the shaggy brown dog.

Ernie opened the door right away.

He said 'groan.'

The dog said 'yelp.'

Ernie brought the dog down to the first floor

And quickly opened the door

With another 'groan.'

The shaggy brown dog ran outside and down the street.


A little while later the two men

Came to get in the elevator.

Ernie let them in with a 'groan.'

But when they got to the first floor

Ernie pretended to be stuck

And would not open the door.


The men cursed and beat

On the sides of the elevator.

Sure it hurt

but Ernie didn't want those bad men

To catch that nice shaggy brown dog.


People heard the noise in the elevator

And called the police.

When the police opened the elevator

They recognized the two men

Who were some dognappers

They had been looking for.


The shaggy brown dog turned out to be called Tazz.

(grandparents, use the name of a family pet).

He belonged to two nice children called Manny and Dean

(grandparents, insert the names of your own grandkids).

They were so happy when he showed up on their doorstep

After escaping from the dognappers.


Tazz took the children to the building

Where Ernie the Elevator lived.

When the children heard how brave Ernie had been

To hold the crooks

They thanked him from the bottom of their hearts.

Ernie said 'groan' which now meant 'thank you.'

Tazz said 'yelp' which now meant 'hooray.'

The children said 'hooray,'

which really meant 'hooray,' too.


Isn't it nice to know that little children and dogs

Can talk to an elevator

And that an elevator like Ernie

Can help solve a crime

Even if he is old and groans a lot. 


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