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Goodbye (go dye)

stuck at sea in a raft with a slow leak,
verging a week with no food and no sleep,
I breath, but I'm not gonna keep going on like this.
and the ink is running from your letters.
and the header that once read "good bye" now reads "go_d _ye" (go die)
lucky for you this raft is mimicing my defeat.
slowly losing air as it's consumed by the sea.
and I breath... I can't believe I'm going down like this.
the sun is setting, sinking behind me.
and I'm forgeting the moments behind me.
now letting the waves just subside me.
with my good bye, you die inside me,
and i realize...

take one last breath, and one last look
at the rest of my life that you just took
and I'll breath... in, but no...
I wont exhale, no I wont exhale
And I'll leave... just one last note
it reads, "good bye, go dye... good bye, go dye"

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