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Hindel Kidz 40: Two of a Kind

Hindel Kidz #40

Two of a Kind


Jack was looking for a baby goat for Joey. He should just make her take Libby or Lainie. Libby had been so close to winning first place last year. Lainie stopped when Jack stopped and went when he went. But Joey would throw a tantrum because Savannah was going to show a baby goat and she wasn’t.

Jack bought four week old twin does. When he sells babies, he doesn’t want to separate them so that’s probably why he bought them both. Charlotte was going to let the girls name the twins on two conditions. They had to name the babies something common, not stupid ( i.e. LaPortia and Sparkle) and easy enough for Jack to remember for later on. Maybe they could name the twins, Flash and Dash or Spot and Dot would have been cute, too.

They had to go down to the farm and help burn the horns off. This lady doesn’t burn any of her goats’ horns because she wants them to be able to defend themselves against coyotes. The babies were wild and Jack had a hard time trying to catch them.

They arrived at their new home a week early, but Jack wasn’t too worried about it. They were both gray agouti and had white spots on the top of their heads. They were cute, but then again all baby goats are cute.

Grace tried to catch one of them. She wasn’t trying real hard because she didn’t want to scare them. Once you caught them they were fine. They both would squeal and cry when they didn’t know where the other one was. Jack was glad the twins already knew how to go back to the building instead of wandering off and getting lost. All the other goats wanted to head butt them.

“The one with the waddles might be called Boots and the other one might be named Socks,” Jack replied. The waddles were the only way to tell them apart.  In the end, Boots became known as Waddles and Socks became Boots. From the knees down their legs were solid black.

When Savannah tried to walk Clark, he did not want to cooperate. Every time she tried to position his back leg, he would kick and she complained.  Clark was no dummy. He deserved an extra piece of bread at feeding time. Yea, Clark! Joey didn’t even know which goat was Libby.

When the girls tried to walk the babies, they flipped and flopped all over the place.

“The goats are never going to learn to walk,” Savannah complained.

By the time the girls showed up to walk the goats in the past, Jack had already been walking them around the yard so they were getting used to it.

Libby had kind of adopted them. She didn’t have any kids of her own, that had survived anyway.  Boots stood beside Libby and Libby leaned over and nuzzled her. She was playing the part of surrogate mommy. The twins were very vocal. Guess they were taking after their adopted mom. She was using them as a meal ticket. If she followed them maybe she would get an extra piece of bread, too.

Jack heard them screaming one morning. After he walks the goats, he gives them a piece of bread as a reward. Well he hadn’t walked them that morning so no bread. The twins had started to expect bread at the morning feeding. After Jack had given them their bread, he never heard another peep out of them for the rest of the day.

Joy decided she wanted to be a bully and head butt Gabby again.

“Here we go again,” Grace thought.

“Don’t yell at Gabby,” Jack told Sven. “It wasn’t her fault. Joy shouldn’t have done that. Gabby wasn’t bothering anything.”

All the goats came out of the building at once and were bellowing at the tops of their lungs. Boots and Waddles were an octave above everyone else. Gabby was terrified. She doesn’t like loud noises. The rest of the time all she wanted to do was sit in Sven’s or Grace’s lap. She hadn’t acted that way since Joy beat her up the first time. She was still the coward of the county.


There were thunderstorms on the day of goat show. Clark’s pen was flooded and they still got wet even after putting up a tarp. Clark was in the middle aisle with Jack. They had requested the pens under the tent so they could have a nice breeze. With the wind comes the rain. Then they were trying to pull the goats into the pouring rain and move them over to the barn. It was total chaos.

 The only bad thing by letting Joey show a baby goat was; she and Savannah would be competing against each other. To make a winner out of a four month old baby goat requires lots of care and attention. They both couldn’t win first place. Whoever placed higher would gloat about how her goat won and her step-sister hadn’t. Savannah was going to show Babe and Clark and Joey would be showing Boots, Waddles and Libby.

Babe won junior grand champion.  No surprise there. She was a very pretty goat. She had a straight top line, erect angulation of the hocks and proper muscling and rump sloping.

“I love her sweet disposition,” Savannah told the judge. “She’ll just sit in my lap all day. She’s very cute. We spend a lot of time together.”

Since when did one day a week every couple of weeks and twice around the house become lots of time?

“You have to make sure she has food, water and gets walked,” Savannah concluded. And if you believe that, then I have oceanfront property in Arizona. Oh, if the judges only knew what really went on behind the scenes. Jack walks them; Jack feeds them; Jack grooms them. The operative word here is Jack. All the girls had to do was position the feet.

Libby got her redemption. She won senior reserve champion and overall reserve champion. Once again Savannah and Joey had gone head to head for overall reserve.

Boots and Waddles didn’t fare as well. Waddles came in third and Boots was fourth.

Clark had a CL lump so they didn’t judge him. He was disqualified.

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