THE MESSAGE | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share



Baby Boo,  
I wanna do it to you.
 get on up,
so we can get down!

Big and strong,
all night long.
Nice and slow
is the way to go.

Smoke some trees,
and roll with the breeze.
Plant a row of kisses from top to below.
At poonanny best swirl and blow.
I’ll return the favor before I go.

Use the pole to touch my soul.
Really make it hot
go deep to find the spot!
Past emotional pain and sorrow.
Work it like there is no tomorrow.

Reach the height of pure delight.
I’m into the groove,
and the way you move. Like before
do it hardcore.

Once again
many explosions
before the end !

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