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One September Morn'

Way up high in the fearless sky, the moon reflects your face
Shining there with the silver stars, amidst His loving Grace
I find myself looking for you, somewhere near the moon
Soaring through the Heavens, is now where I find you
Thank you Lord for the strength and courage to carry on
As the world fights a battle, a battle that must be won
We'll never forget, the day our hearts were torn
Away from the ones we love, one September morní
Fear will pierce the words, that we must speak
Imbed itself in us, if we become too weak
Fear will only dim the light, if we let it in
Being strong in faith, is the only way to win
We will overcome all fears and rise above them all
Majestic mountains will be moved, no matter how tall
The faith we have inside, waits silently within
Waiting for the words, only spoken to Him
Jesus is right there for us, just look to the stars
We can see our loved ones too, shining not too far
One day we'll all be together, shining all our light
Upon those who'll come after us, somewhere in the night

Copyright 2001 Sharon R. Crews

Dedicated for Peace around the World
May God Bless you with inner peace

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