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Tender Years

There you were...again
standing at my door
with tears in your eyes
falling hard to the floor

I knew right away...
your heart was broke in two
all those years...
you'd spent with her
were meant for me and you

So I guess I'll tell you again
I'm the one...
who has loved you
through all of your tears
and I'm still the one
who will only give you
Tender years
I'll take you in my arms
like I've done...
a thousand times before
maybe this time you'll see
that it's me...
that loves you more

verse 3
I know we are the best of friends
and no-one can take that away
I've seen you through...
those cold dark nights
when you thought...
you'd never see the light of day


I will always be here for you
To only give you tender years

Copyright1999 Sharon R.Crews

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