I MISS YOU,BABY | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share



The way you would
kiss me.
So tenderly,
so sweetly.

I miss our lovemaking.
I miss seeing you in the kitchen baking.
I miss breakfast in bed.
When I had a headache you would rub my head.

I can’t stand being alone.
It’s hell since you’ve been gone.
It’s a hole in my heart.
 Every since we’ve been apart.

I miss how you would say my name.
I miss how you played my favorite video game.
I miss the slow dancing, and the romancing.

I swear never again will I be  mean.
I’ll treat you like a queen.
I’m getting help to beat that drug.
I really need a hug.

I miss you, baby!
So sorry I hurt you.
I’ll do what ever you want me to.
Please come back to me.
Give me another chance to make you happy.

I love you, truly.
You mean the world to me.
I can see now what I had so clearly.
Losing you hurts me, deeply.

On the road to stardom I lost my way.
The in crowd made me stray.
Now, I realize with you I want to stay.
Never again with them will I play.
I miss you, baby.
Please, come back to me!          

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