MY POTENTIAL LOVE | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share



I hear your voice,
and wonder if you are the right choice?
I hear your story and wonder
if you are right for me?

We are 10 thousand miles apart.
Would it be a mistake to give you my heart?
Is it real the love that I feel?

I’m falling for a voice on the phone.
Is it simply because I’m tired of being alone?

Hurt a time or two before,don’t want to be used as another score.
Dear Lord,how long must I wait till true love comes knockin’?
How long must I wait to get this body rockin’?

When I reach for you would you stumble,
and cause all of my dreams to crumble?
Face to face would you run away from my place?

You say you love me,but is it just a false fantasy?
Can we really build true love sight unseen,
or is it nothing but a wishful dream?

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