COOL CAT | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Funny Bookmark and Share



I wear my hat cocked to the side.
I walk with a special stride.
At night I prowl the streets,
Looking for some treats.

I’m cool and laid-back.
I like to ride the fillies on the track
I put on fancy duds and shades.
Then, I stroll down to Palisades.

I pick out a fine young thing.
At my place we swing.
Jazz, cigs, booze and weed,
before I mount the steed.

As sweet as a honey bun.
We don’t stop till we see the sun.
I say good day,
and she’s on her way.

Not looking for a wife.
Too much stress ,too much strife.
I’m going to stay cool for the rest of my life.
  ( This is not the real me, lol.)

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