COLD HEARTED WITCH | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Scary Bookmark and Share



She zoomed in on me at the bar
after she got a look at my car.
She had sex appeal, a hot outfit, and a devilish smile.

She made me think a good time would be had in a little while.
It was wishful thinking on my part, because she had evil in her heart.

She put something in my drink, for 20 minutes it would be hard to move or think.
She kissed me on the lips, as bold as she please.I got a wiff of witch hazel. Then she  took my wallet and car keys.

All I could manage was a lousy sneer, as Malinda whispered in my ear, “too bad, so sad , sucker  you have just been had.” 
Damn,she really is superbad!

I tried to yell out loud.
With a cackle
 Malinda disappeared into the crowd.
She was not only a cold hearted witch, my mind screamed cold hearted b-i-tch!!

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