SONG FOR SARAH | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share




Hey, Mr. DJ can you play a song for Sarah today?

She likes” SOME  WHERE OVER THE RAINBOW,”by Jewel,okay?

Six months until she goes away. Nothing can  be done to make her  stay.
Sarah is dealing with a lot of pain. She has the big C in her brain.
Her parents feel the  financial strain.

We really love her so, and wish she did not have to go.
She was a real trooper till the end.She fought hard to stay with family and friends.

Mr. DJ, we thank you for what you  did. Playing her song everyday for six months
at the same time.  Starting a collection fund through the main line.
God bless for all you did. You helped a dying kid.
We love her so and wish she did not have to go.       

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