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A Near Death Experience

On Tuesday Mourning I was travelling between junction 7 and 8 on the M62. I noticed that a black funeral directors van in lane 2 was trying to undertake me in lane 3 of the motorway. I was completely boxed in and there was no room for the van to pall in front, eventually it then slowed down in lane 2 and I exhumed the driver had decided against this death-dealing manoeuvre. 


Whilst alongside the van I had grave concerns as I noticed the driver coffin, he then steered sharply towards me and collided with the front passenger side of my vehicle.The van lost control and other motorists seized up around us. I nearly blew a casket! Eventually we both came to rest on the hard shoulder. I was scared stiff! 


The driver descended from his vehicle and mournful approached my car. He claimed I was at fault, I got the impression he was trying to dig himself out of a hole. The driver also stated that it was a weight off his shoulders that no body was travelling with him in his vehicle at the time. 


All that cremains to be said is that in the wake of this accident I can see that there is no way this incident occurred through any fault of my own and that I believe that we are both dead lucky to be alive! 

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