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Walk of Shame

I see a man as I walk down the street
His heart as dark as night
He's so tired he can barely sleep
Underneath this city's light
People smile as they walk on by
Turn there eyes away
He hangs his head as he starts to cry
He's got nothing left to say

Picks up his bags, leaves his living room
Walks toward his den
"You fucking bum," is all he hears from some
It's the same tonite again
He lays down behind a garbage bin
So no one can see
Locks himself in his new bedroom
While you and I hold the key

I've seen nothing in this life
Compared to what is seen each night
Will I stand apart
Will I stand the same
Will I spend my own life
Upon this walk of shame

I see a woman, beautiful woman
Her child in her hand
The baby sighs of the sweetest lies
She picks garbage from a can
Her dreams are faded as the pavement stars
But with two lives to feed
She'll keep dancing in the topless bars
It's the sweetest side of greed

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