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Believe In Me

I won’t let them put me down no matter what the say, hey hey. And if they choose a friend over me I won’t even  shed a tear. If they say she’s prettier then me, well I won’t care my dear. If they say she’s funnier, she’s smarter well why are you telling me this now? Telling me because you want to be on her side when she amounts to something big. Even though they don’t say it to my face, I hear them whispering. They don’t think I’ll be anything. Don’t think I can achieve nothing. But you just wait and see. They say to me she’s prettier I should stop competing with her because my looks will never be as great as her. They say I should give up trying to sing because it sounds like someone diying. I should watch as she sings her way to victory. All I have to say about that is they just wait and see, wait see that all along the star was inside of me. And I’ll be standing higher then them looking down at there sad faces because they always doubted me. But they don’t have me to blame because they put me to shame. And here’s for every time, every time they said you can’t sing. Well look at what I’m doing I’m singing my way to victory. They’ll wanna side with me pretend there all my friends again but during all those dark days when they weren’t my friends. I never needed them!!!! Cause I’ve got a heart that can take me high places. So here’s for the people who said you’ll never be pretty, here’s for the friends who never really were friends, here’s for the people who said I will never achieve anything great. Look who’s wrong now, they didn’t believe me, but now they should believe me. Now you should believe me.




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