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Going to the park with Chaaya

This is a true story of a five year old Indian girl

who didn’t have patience. This story teaches children that

patience is everything in life. I believe teaching

patience to children when they are young will help them

deal with stress and having to wait. This story can teach

children that having patience is important.

Page 1

One summer morning, Chaaya woke up and yelled

excitedly, “Mommy and Daddy are taking me to the park

today! Yea!”

Page 2

Chaaya raced out of bed to wake up her mommy to help

her brush her teeth.

Page 3

Chaaya’s mom, Indira, also brushed her teeth. They

sang a little song that went, “Lets brush our teeth, up

down up, side to side, not forgetting your tongue.”

Page 4

Chaaya’s daddy, Sunil, was changing John’s diaper.

John is Chaaya’s baby brother. While daddy was getting

John ready, Chaaya decided to get herself dressed.

She put on her T-shirt and pants and combed her hair all by


Page 5

Mommy set the table for breakfast.

Daddy, John, and Chaaya came downstairs for breakfast.

Page 6

They all sat down to eat breakfast. “Burp” went

Chaaya. “Can we go?

now? I’m ready.”

Page 7

“Chaaya, you haven’t had any juice yet, have a sip,”

said Daddy.Chaaya got upset, turned her nose up, and

refused to drink her juice.

Page 8

Mommy said, “If you don’t drink some juice, you’ll get

thirsty at the park.”

Page 9

Chaaya made up her mind and drank all her juice as

fast as she could. “Slow down,” said Daddy.

Page 10

“It’s clean up time” said Mommy. Mommy and Daddy

cleaned up the table and

washed the dishes. Chaaya was running out of patience.

Page 11

“Can we go now?” said Chaaya.

Page 12

“Chaaya, there are a few chores Daddy and I must do

before we go to the park, ”said mommy. Daddy packed the

cooler with ice while Mommy packed John’s diaper


Page 13

Chaaya was getting more and more impatient. She

crossed her arms and started to whine. “let’s goooo!, she



Daddy made sure to pack the first-Aid-kit and the


Page 15

Mommy packed a few snacks as well

Page 16

Chaaya stood by the door with her little brother John.

Page 17

“Waaaaaaaaaaa” Little John started crying. “What’s

wrong?” Chaaya replied

to Little John.

Page 18

Mommy came rushing with John’s BO BO. “Aaaw he’s just

hungry” Mommy said.

Page 19

“Can we go now”? cried Chaaya. “Not yet,” said mommy.

Page 20

“Why don’t you pack some of your things to take to the


Page 21

Chaaya went up to her room. she packed her jump

+rope, bubble gum, her doll, and a piggy bank.

Page 22

“Chaaya, come downstairs, we’re leaving,” Daddy


Page 23

Chaaya jumped up with excitement and ran down the

stairs, forgetting her back pack.

Page 24

Daddy placed John in his car seat while Mommy strapped

Chaaya into her booster


Page 25

Off they went to the park. “Oh no, I forgot my

backpack!” screamed Chaaya.

Page 26

Daddy pulled into the parking lot, opened the trunk

and surprised Chaaya with her backpack. “Surprise!” said


Page 27

They all played and played until Chaaya said…….

Page 28

“Mommy and Daddy, I’m tired. Can we go now?”

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