RISE AND FALL OF A STAR | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share



To be a star she had to travel far.The townsfolk said she had the look.Ladies auxiliary paid for the trip and gave her a fashion book.

She would pay them back ten fold, if her career took hold.  Hollywood bound on the bus.  The women would frown. The  men would smile.Then, under their breath the women would cuss.

Jealosy followed her everywhere when the average woman had little to compare. she had a beautiful Face and a lovely shape.  Seven dresses and a cape.

She found a cheap place to stay, and went on casting calls, every day.
It took more than looks to make it here.She had to learn to do things without fear.

On the couch, she learned a new skill, that helped her get a good deal.
No longer  nieve,Stardom she could achieve.
She became good at playing the game, and caught a ride to the top.It was all the way, non –stop!

She used what she had to be bad.Now, a bitch on wheels she got the best deals!The men felt lust.The wives, mistrust, they wanted to knock her in the dust!

She became the number 1 movie Queen. At times she could really be mean! She would treat her lovers like puppets on a string.Whenever, she wanted anything.


After many years the beauty did fade. Young men no longer called trying to get laid.  Two divorce’s and a string of lovers, now alone.  The limelight was turned off. No one came to visit her at home. Long  gone are the glory years.Nothing left but sweet  memories and tears.

She out lived two husbands and only son. No more to do,  everything was done. Naked,and cold in bed. From an overdose of pills and booze, she was dead!She left a note that said. 

I can’t stop thoughts of death in my head.Do not want to get out of bed.Outside this place is dread.
Do not think bad of me.

I have nothing left to make me happy.Too damn sad.I did the best I could with what I had.I no longer want to cry.So,to whomever     might give a  damn,goodbye.              M.D.

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