UNSATISFIED | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share



Stuck in a unhappy marriage
for thirteen years.
Many pillows soaked with tears.
Happiness she would never achieve,because of the children it was hard to leave.

How long would it take before her mind and body would break?
Misery would not let her be.
She prayed,”Dear Lord,send someone to rescue me!”

Her husband was a 3 minute man.
Her complaints he did not understand.
No matter how he tried,he always left her unsatisfied.
He was not willing to do or try something new.

A new girlfriend took her out.
Looking good,she met a man that made her twist and shout!
She never drank before but this time she did and got on the dance floor.

It’s true,this guy did the things her husband would not do.
After a fight she dumped her husband,and moved him in.

Now,she’s happy again!
The Lord works in mysterious ways.Now,she has happy days.

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