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“I-I can’t breath!” she thought. It was as if she was floating down to the bottom of a deep ocean. It was pitch black, and there was nothing she had to give off a slight comfort of light. The cold had cut her like a dagger. She shook terribly as she continued her journey down the dark path. “It’s s-so c-cold,” she thought. “Where am I? Someone please help me! Please! I can’t find my way…” The cold stabbed her even more fiercely as she declined down the path. She was losing oxygen. She struggled to hold her breath, but the instinct of breathing overcame her. She drew in a jet of icy cold water into her lungs. She gasped as her water-filled lungs were shredded into millions of pieces by the freezing water. She became tired and strangely relaxed. A state of nothingness overcame her. “I guess I’m gonna die,” she guessed. “Why like this? I don’t even know where I am,” she slowly closed her eyes, knowing she would not open them again. “Help me….”

Not finished yet! Check back for more later. I'm too lazy!
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