PICK UP AT THE BAR | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share



We met at a bar.
She was stacked.She rode to my place in my car.

A few more drinks and we passed out, while the Isley brother’s sang on the stereo ,TWIST AND SHOUT.

The next morning naked in bed,she woke me up by giving me head. A lovely way to start the day!A game I love to play.

I returned the favor through a 69. She was good,she really blew my mind!  A lot of ooh and ahh! Indeed ,a wonderful time.

We got into the groove.  I like the way she would move. She did a good job sucking my big dick!  She had a big clit that I love to lick!

She sucked her middle finger and stuck it in my chute.I did the same and made her poot!

“Excuse me!”,she said.We kept going after the big nut’s!While new sensations traveled through our butt’s!
Ha Ha!

Oh boy!We started to moan as we had multiple orgasms with joy!
 Due to her deep throat
I felt twinges of love.

I Had found my soulmate that I dreamed of ?
We ate,smoked cigs,drank wine,and smoked weed.
A wonderful time,yes indeed.

Suckin’ and fuckin’!
We spent a rainy day
doing freaky things
our way!

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