A WALKING DOLLAR SIGN | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Funny Bookmark and Share



She said,” You look like a walking dollar sign! ”
She always had money on her mind.
I go out I like to dress real fine.

When we meet on the street.
She would say,” let me hold a few,until the next time I see you.
If you lay somethin’ nice on me,I’ll be real happy!

My lawsuit bout to come through.When it do, I’ll lay something good on you!”

“Yeah right,you talking a bunch of do do!”

“No joke,it’s

comin’ real soon!
If you horny,we can go up to my room.
You wanna get laid?
We can take it out in trade.
Suck and fuck will cause  good luck!”

“Some other time, here’s ten until I see you again.”

“Well alright,thank you,Big boss!
I love ya like I love chicken wings and hot sauce!”

“3 mos. Later, I lost everything at the Casino.
I was no longer a walking dollar sign.
Now,I was just a dick with a hat on.Homeless with nowhere to go!

Lucy lou ship did come in.We live together,and I’m winning,again!
Watch how you treat the
people you meet!”

PS, we no longer live together!

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