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 I met this chick at the grocery store.She was fine with a real nice shape.We chatted for a bit and she invited me over  for drinks. When I shook her hand and said ,”nice to meet you ,”my rod started to tingle, and I knew I would have more than drinks at her place.

 I went home ate ,took  a dump ,shaved,and bathed. 7:30 I was out the door and on my way. I was so excited with anticipation that my rod drove the car,wow ! My rod even knocked on her door.It was so hard I could not contain it.

     She opened the door wearing a red see-through negligee.
She looked down at my rod and became wide- eyed with a big smile on her well made –up face.She grabbed hold of my rod and led me to the bedroom, I was stunned .My rod started whistling, and her choochie started clapping,wow !

  She had a nice apartment. The living room was done up in red and black, the bedroom in blue and white. Jasmine incence was in the air.  She had on her would you like to screw me perfume.

 We both had a shot of Johnnie Walker Black ,then we kissed.Suddenly, she dropped to her knees and paid homage to my rod.I felt pure Joy.
   My rod started to hum along with the song on the radio,
It’s gonna be a lovely day !
This put a big smile on my face.
After 5 minutes she stopped,stood up and got a joint out of her top dresser drawer.She lit with a lighter,  took a couple of puffs and passed it to me.
I did the same and passed it back.

  We had a couple more puffs of weed and shots of booze.She took off her negligee and let it fall to the floor. She was really stacked.She fell back onto the bed and started rubbing her little man in the boat, it stood up proud.

   My rod was straining to go to work on her.I hopped in the sack.We did a long leisurely 69,it was amazing,extreme pleasure.A lot of ooh and ahh! We both had multiple explosions!

We rested a bit then did it missionary style,twice! Tit for tat a perfect match,wow!    It’s always big fun when a big rod and a big clit get together.Sho nuff,hot stuff !   

Afterwards,exhausted,happy, sweaty,thoroughly satisfied.
Basking in the glow of love.
We lay there smiling and staring at the ceiling. Suddenly, our private parts started singing the duet,Endless Love!

We laughed,we cried,we kissed and held each other.
"I love you."
"I love you,too."
She was my soulmate.
The one I had been searching for.

We were overwhelmed.
While making love we saw a glimpse of a past and future life together.
We gave thanks to the ALMIGHTY.
Finally, this joker has found true love.This is indeed a happy hook up!

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