A JEALOUS WOMAM | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Scary Bookmark and Share



Her eyes were ablaze.
A Demon was pushing  her
toward insanity.
Bitter foul venom spewed
from her mouth,laced with profanity.

We broke up months ago.
She was still angry,jealous and hurt.
She made me a nervous wreck,
always on the alert.

Stuck in the past,would not accept reality.
This was not good for me.
I had moved on and found somebody new.
In her mind this would never be true.

When I let her know, her blood started to boil,steam came out of her ears.
She wished I would drop dead as her eyes turned green then red !
The old saying Hell has no fury like a woman scorned is true !
So watch your ass before this kind of thing happens to you.

Vandalism to my car and my new girlfriends car.
We was out at a bar when she popped up with a hardcore verbal attack.

She vowed things would get worse unless I came back.

We were afraid as she followed us to the parking lot.
Filthy curse words came out in a stream.
She started shaking and her whole body turned red.
My girlfriend and I backed up in fear.
My God! She gave out a blood curdling scream!,
And grew a Medusa head.
She had reached for my girlfriend and saw her cross.
It saved us from a terrible loss.

She became extreamely hot !
Suddenly,she did a spontaneous combustion that left a big black smoldering


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