MY DEAREST DOROTHY | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share



I still love you can’t you see.
Hold on to the escence of me.
Don’t let go,I still love you so.

Although we have been apart you have stayed in my heart.
We had the best of times.
To lose you now,would be one of the major crimes.

You was my greatest love,
we shared Gods gift from above.
Our minds talked the night we met.
Something I’ll never forget,even when I’m wet.

Soulmates indeed we fulfilled a necessary need.
Our dreams came true true.
When love was made between me and you.

The best I ever had,if you go,i’ll truly be sad !
Even though we are not together,just knowing you are ok and still around makes me feel good.

If you go first my soulmate lover when  I don’t think you should. 
Staying around after that is something I don’t know if I could ?

This might be fictional.

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