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Hello. Before you read the rest, just know that this isn't just a story. It really happened. I'm Simon Auerbach. I'm 13 and I don't have any unresolved issues. I'm normal. Well, not really "normal," but you get the idea. I have friends, there are no bullies in my school, nore have there ever been. And besides, this started when I was 5. He is always there. Just standing and watching from afar. He reminds me of slender man to be honest, but like I said, this began when I was 5. As in 2005, before slendy was made up. I think. Anyway, he used to be nice. Creepy, but at least he wasn't what he is now. I call him Mr. Grin, because he always has this giant grin on his face. Abnormally big. He is tall and thin, and very dark. And he doesn't have eyes. Or a nose. Just big, sharp teeth. And claws. Me and him used to stand together in the playground and just stare at kids. He would stand outside my window, protecting me. Or so I thought. He was nice back then. About a year ago, he started to change. Weird dark stuff floated of him like black smoke. He now just stands in the corner of my eye, waving in the dark part o the classroom. Or my bedroom. I now get nauseous around him, and get a headache too. He just stands and grins. It used to be nice. Now it's petrifying. Every night. Every day. Watching. I don't know If he's real. I thought he was just a figment of my mind, but I'm not sure anymore. Kids in my school have started noticing him too, and now I've counted at least ten that have seen him. I decided to confront Mr. Grin. I was scared of course, but I just asked: " what and who are you?" He always just whispers in my ear, without even moving a muscle. Not his legs, arms, or his grin. Just standing and whispering. Not one movement. Then he just starts choking me. Not with his claws, but with his mind. I think. Choking me without even moving. Then he stops and walks into my closet. The closet door closes behind him, and I open it an hour later, but he's not there. He choked me though! He must be real, people have seen him! I can't tell my parents because I'm just a coward. He's real though! I know it now, that Mr. Grin is real, has escaped from the darkest parts of a mans worst nightmare! He's really real! It's 11:50 now, and the closet door just opened. He just came out. He's standing there like every night, waiting for the right moment to kill me. I have learned to except my death. And that he will most likely eat my flesh while I'm still alive and choking on my own blood. It will happen to all that see him. And I remind you, this is no story. This is real. I'm sharing this with the community in hopes that someone will believe me. This is real. HE IS REAL. WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY BELIEVE ME?! I DON'T WANNA DIE! He is here, always here. Even right now he is staring at me. Watching. He's walking towards me now. I should go. I'm ready.

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